Sunday, September 2, 2007

Working man music!

A miner enjoying a tall cold one after a hard day of work.

This week's Six Pack will pay homage to the working man. At KGB, with our obvious ties to everything communism (well, not really), the working man holds a special place in our hearts. It's only a matter of time before the proletariat rises up and crushes the capitalists. You'll see, any day now, those two dudes, ya know Marx and Engels, will be vindicated. Until their mighty revolution occurs (any day now I predict), here is some good music to pass the time.

The Grateful Dead -- Cumberland Blues from June 7, 1970 :: Taken from the Live Archive's Dead section, you have to include a song from Workingman's Dead.
[Buy Workingman's Dead here]

Dwight Yoakam -- Miner's Prayer from Dwight's Used Records :: Let's stick with miners and the hard work they do. Dwight is from eastern Kentucky, he knows about what he sings.
[Buy Dwight's Used Records here]

REM -- Finest Worksong from The Best of the IRS Years :: Not overtly about blue collar working, but I like the song and it somewhat relates thus, it stays.
[Buy IRS here]

Drag The River -- Tired & Fired from It's Crazy :: Hard work makes you tired and without your best woman, it's a kick in the nuts, that's for sure. Drag The River says so in the country stylings I love.
[Buy It's Crazy here]

The Drive-By Truckers -- Puttin' People On The Moon from The Dirty South :: The last two are more political tunes. In the first, Patterson Hood sounds off on the hardships of a small town factory worker, the turn he takes to support his family, and the absurdity of it all in light of the bundles of money being spent on NASA rockets.
[Buy The Dirty South here]

Lucinda Williams -- American Dreams from Live At The Fillmore :: Lucinda's story of a factory man and the difficulties he's had reaching the American dream.
[Buy Live At The Fillmore here]

Enjoy your day off. Watch out for commies.


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