Monday, September 3, 2007

Per Your Request

The mighty Radio KGB readership have spoken, and they are unanimous.....I'm an idiot. The only thing worse than not posting songs (a problem I've had for the better part of three weeks, i'm sorry) is posting songs, and then removing them.

For this I apologize. Here, at your request, is a song that I previously posted, but then removed to post other stuff. Hope you all enjoy it, again.

Elliott Smith - Miss Misery (piano version)

And while I'm at it, here's another Elliott Smith song I've been digging on A LOT recently. Its depressing, but to a completely different tune!!

Elliott Smith - Between the Bars

Google Images definitely has the best pictures out
there....and by 'best' I clearly mean 'most ridiculous'.

So, I saw BK posted his Working Man songs in honor of Labor Day.....Well, you know what's worse than not getting Labor Day off.....well, nothing. Not getting Labor Day off sucks. But, fortunately, there's no better place to vent than here at KGB. So, I'll vent about coming to work on a damn National Holiday here by posting a couple songs. To steal a smarter man's idea, let's call it the Working Man's 4-pack.

1. Iron and Wine - Boy With a Coin: This one's going to be on I&W's new album, The Shepherd's Dog. I can't remember if its been posted here yet or not, but here you go anyways. (It doesn't come out until Sept. 25, but you can preorder the album here, I recommend doing so, its gonna be a good one.)

2. Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah - Over and Over Again (And Lost and Found): I still don't have their newest one. This one's super duper. But I'm ready to get the next one. (Here's the old one.)

3. Arcade Fire - Intervention: The Arcade Fire have an interesting flair for the dramatic that is quite evident on this song. I'm picturing a GIANT pipe organ in an ancient church, not like a Neil Young in concert sized pipe organ, but like a Handel's Messiah Hallelujah Chorus size pipe organ. You can't really go wrong with pipe organs...they're rarely used to ill-effect. (Arcade Fire can be purchased here).

4. Bryan Scary and the Shedding Tears - Desdemona's Leaving Town: Well, I'm lazy and for that I also apologize. I've been meaning to feature Mr. Scary as well as a few others in a long overdue Webcast. But Gerdon's the only one that seems to find the energy to do one. I'll just post this song here, its my favorite of his. Maybe someday if I ever do that Cast I'll hit you up with some more. I hope you like this one.

So, i just realized I need some new music. Either just new CDs put on my computer or I actually need to go purchase something. Either way its something that needs to be done. If you've got any good recs, let me hear them. But until then, there you go. Keeping you cool like a 4-pack of Samuel Smith's Taddy Porters.



Scooter said...

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. No "and".

ryan said...

You're right scooter, but you know what's funny....

there's website is

AND included.