Friday, September 7, 2007

Bandwidth exceeded...

Doh! Due to some excessive downloading, I have officially run out of bandwidth, which means I can't host your favorite mp3s for the next couple of days. I figured this would be a great time to stroll over to YouTube and see what kinds of great music videos they are hiding over there. Here is some great stuff that I've been listening to lately in a form that will satisfy you both audibly and visually.

Teenage Fanclub -- Ain't That Enough :: Power pop, led by these guys, Guided By Voices, Buffalo Tom, and many others, have been high on my list for the last few weeks. Check out the ringing guitars (although a bit mellowed here), lush harmonies, and engaging hooks of Teenage Fanclub.

Spoon -- The Underdog :: Seriously, bands make music videos still? I suppose they just make them to post on You Tube. I enjoy Spoon's new album immensely and this is one of my favorite tracks off the disc.

The National -- Mistaken For Strangers :: I think this is the video for a song I've posted on here before. I can't get enough of The National and their latest release, Boxer. This song, along with Ada, battle it out for my favorite on this disc.


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