Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Heart XM Radio

Seeing Kendall's Ryan Adams post reminded me of something I downloaded last week that I've been meaning to post here. So, XM Satellite Radio is the shit. And by that I mean that I really like it. Music's great, plus its got baseball, which is double-great. One of the music channels is called The XM Loft and its more acousticky-singer/songwriter stuff. They constantly have musicians (some famous, some not) come and play live in studio.

Well, apparently a couple years ago, Ryan Adams visited the studio with his band The Cardinals and played a gig. This came out right before the Cold Roses album, which is a most excellent album, and most of the songs from this performance come from that album, but not all (check the version of New York, New York found here).

So, for some reason this very excellent blog, the Aquarium Drunkard, that I make a habit of reading decided to post the performance on their site, so here I am bringing the goods to you. I hope you enjoy.

1. Intro
2. Magnolia Mountain
3. What Sin
4. Cold Roses
5. Bird Song
6. Talk 1
7. Beautiful Sorta
8. Talk 2
9. A Kiss Before I Go
10. Talk 3
11. When Will You Come Back Home
12. Games
13. To Be Young
14. Mockingbird
15. Peaceful Valley
16. Talk 4
17. NY, NY
18. I See Monsters
19. Let it Ride
20. Harder Now That It's Over
21. Outro

There you have it. The whole thing, talking and everything. My favorite is probably the slowed down version of Let it Ride. Enjoy.


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