Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Shot IN The Arm

Thank you to Mr Rutledge for the shot in the arm. Laziness and football have mostly distracted me from providing you with fantastic tunes. Like Rutledge said, it's not that I haven't been listening to music. In fact, as this six pack will show, I've listened to some older favorites, some new bands, and some not so old favorites.

Ryan Adams -- New York New York from Gold :: I meant to post this on Sept. 11, but see above. Bad excuse, I know, but still good music from the wayback machine that deserves to be played.
[Buy Gold here]

moe. -- New York City from Dither :: See above. This is a good song for a hippy band.
[Buy Dither here]

Earlimart -- Answers & Questions from Mentor Tormentor :: I don't know shit about these guys (and girl) but I love this album. I actually got this through an Itunes recommendation and came away pleasantly surprised. This is pop music, but I don't mind.
[Buy Mentor Tormentor here]

Magnolia Electric Company -- Hammer Down from Sojourner :: From the Nashville Moon disc of MEC's box set, Sojourner, the prolific Jason Molina (think Ryan Adams prolific) gives us some stripped down versions of previous released songs. These guys are good, I just never realized how good until this album.
[Buy Sojourner here]

Teenage Fanclub -- Ain't That Enough from Songs From Northern Britain :: Power pop at its finest from these three Scots. These guys can rock grungy (Cobain was a fan) but also sing the harmonies with the best of them. This song falls in the latter.
[Buy Songs From Northern Britain here]

The National -- Karen from Alligator :: I've been pimping these guys for a while thanks to their newest release, Boxer. The above is from their 2005 record, Alligator. Also, I'm finally seeing them this SUnday in Covington, so I've been spinning this alot. They know how to write songs with female names as titles (see Ada from Boxer).
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ryan said...

So, do you really like that Magnolia Electric album? I've almost downloaded it like 10 times but always pass in favor of something else.

Let me know what you think of the rest of the album.

Bryan said...

Dude, here's my thing about MEC. I listened to their electric stuff and was kinda indifferent. Their new box set, Sojourner, really opens them up to me. It's much more sparse and simple, which I like alot in this case (I usually like to hear the loud guitars over the scaled back stuff). Add to that finally listening to Songs:Ohia (a precursor to MEC if you will) and I can say I finally see in Molina. Dude is good! In any event, I do recommend Sojourner and the Songs Ohia stuff.