Friday, September 21, 2007

Costa Rica, Part I

The beautiful coffee fields of Costa Rica (only drink coffee grown above 1000 meters on the side of volcanoes)

I, also, have no excuse for my lack of posts, except that I was on hiatus in Costa Rica in the middle of lush tropical cloud forests that have millions of unique flora and fauna species, yet no wireless internet. Normally, after coming back from a trip like this I might put together a webcast, describing to you in my own voice in one hour's time what songs remind me of Central and South America. While this would be my preferred medium, this might takes weeks to put together. So, I'm going to opt for the direct-while-you-wait method my compadres seem to have mastered and highlight a couple bands in several posts over an unrestricted amount of time. So, here goes it. Artist number uno es:

Hailing from Brazil he brings his characteristic fusion of samba, funk, and rock that any fine Costa Rican could dance to (I, on the other hand, had my meager dancing skills put to shame by these gyrating Central Americans).

Check out:

Jorge Ben - Camisa 10 de Gavea (Africa Brazil, 1976)
Jorge Ben - Taj Mahal (Africa Brazil, 1976)

Buy it [here].



ryan said...

Glad to hear you had a good trip. I absolutely hate it that I couldn't go. Sounds like it was a blast.

Nice stuff. Did you listen to this before you left or did you hear about it down there?

aren said...

Yeah, its too bad you couldn't come. It was a pretty amazing time.

I've been listening to Jorge for a few years, though Africa Brazil is the only disc I have. Its good stuff, but there's more to come.