Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering 9/11

Hey there KGB readers. So, if you hadn't noticed, or thought to look at a calendar, or listened to the radio, or watched TV....today is September 11. Its really hard to believe that its been 6 years now since the unthinkable happened. But it has, and it makes just as much sense today as it did that tragic day. Honestly, it'll never make sense. That's just the way senseless acts go.

Its kinda unfortunate that we have to make a point to remember 9/11. But its true. The event was so long ago, that often times our ADHD minds push it to the back. Its not that we necessarily forget about what happened that day....because that's impossible. Everyone will always remember where they were, what they did, and how the day played out. In that sense, it is our generation's Kennedy assassination. I, personally, was a junior in college at Kentucky Wesleyan. Classes were canceled (all except for mothereffing Organic Chemistry lab) and the day was spent watching the television scared out of my mind. But today, we just don't think about what happened that day nearly as much as we should. And by we, I am clearly speaking about myself....but I have a feeling this can be applied across the board.

So, I raise my glass to a day completely dedicated to remembering those who died and the others that were affected by a few peoples horrific actions. I then raise a second glass to always remembering these people and never forgetting what they were forced to give up.

With that I'll post the song that always makes me think of that day. I think I can remember Kendall posting a Bob Marley song in a similar vein earlier. Well, this is a solo Dave Matthews performance from that Concert to Benefit 9/11 thing (or whatever it was called) that was broadcast all over the television shortly after the event:

Dave Matthews - Everyday

Still gets me.


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