Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday Six Pack

This picture has nothing to do with anything, other than I'll be there next week!

I took a mini-roadtrip this weekend to my old Kentucky home to prepare for the long trip we're taking next week. Some of these songs were on a killer playlist I created, so I decided to see what other great covers I had in the ol' catalogue (gotta get used to speaking English I reckon). For your enjoyment, 6 of my favorite covers.

1. Mark Kozelek -- Rock 'N' Roll Singer from Little Drummer Boy :: A live cut of the AC/DC song. If you haven't, check this guy out. He covers songs, but rearranges them putting his own spin on the song. He also does Modest Mouse, quite well. His original stuff is brilliant as well (Check out Ghosts of the Great Highway).
[Buy Little Drummer Boy here]

2. Gillian Welch -- Hickory Wind from Return of the Grievous Angel :: This is a Gram Parsons' classic and, as always, Gillian does it right.
[Buy Return of the Grievous Angel here]

3. Whiskeytown -- Dreams from The World Cafe :: This is apparently a live cut from a World Cafe performance. Don't care much for this song really, but I figure some of ya'll can always deal with a little Ryan Adams and Caitlin Cary.
[Buy Whiskeytown here]

4. Porter Hall Tennessee -- Whiskey Bottle from All Sinners Welcome Here! :: This is an Uncle Tupelo song and if you know anything about this blog, you know I talk about these guys all the time. I am at it again, deal with it! The great thing about covers is that it's often a very simple thing, such as a female voice rather than a male voice, that makes it unique and interesting from the original. That is the case here; I love the duet we get for the great chorus.
[Buy All Sinners Welcome Here! here]

5. M Ward and Beth Orton -- Buckets of Rain from 2/11/2004 :: Another live cut that I pulled from another blog earlier in the year (sorry, I can't remember who it was but thank ya). See above -- love these two fine singers and their voices in contrast to Dylan's voice.
[Buy Beth Orton here and M Ward here]

6. The Indigo Girls -- Midnight Train to Georgia from 1200 Curfews :: How can you not like this soul classic by Gladys Knight and the Pips? Great song and great version!
[Buy 1200 Curfews here]




ryan said...

I love the Gillian Welch. I need to get me some Gillian Welch. Nice job all around. I always enjoy listening to the Six Pack. Keep em coming man.

aren said...

Kozelek and Welch are awesome. I'm starting to dig on M. Ward as well - he opened up for Norah Jones a while back. Pretty good writing.