Friday, August 3, 2007

100 Best Living Songwriters

Did Neil make the list?

I ran across this while reading about Lyle Lovett's new album It's Not Big, It's Large (which is probably worth looking in to!). Apparently, I'm behind the times as Paste Magazine came up with this list back in 2006, but it's interesting anyway (coincidentally, doesn't the title imply that these people are living their lives well?). I really like that it's a list of living songwriters. It gets rid of all the non-sense involved with of all time crap. You have to still be kicking it to make it on this list. I'm not going to comment on how I agree or disagree with the list, but it is fun to read about each artist and why Paste likes their lyrics. Unfortunately, I believe you can only read about #100 -81 on the website, so I've gone so far as to order the back issue paper copy. I'll let you know how it reads. Otherwise, check out the list and let me know what you think!

Paste Magazine's 100 Best Living Songwriters



ryan said...

Tom Waits #4??!?! Wow, not sure about that one. I mean, he's on the list, no doubt, but #4??

Bryan said...

Can't argue with the Top 2, but I hate lists like this. Obviously, it's all subjective and, not to be a homer, but any list that puts Jay Farrar at No. 98 is not correct.

aren said...

I'm not surprised by either of your evaluations and can't say I disagree about those two guys. And the Boss at #3?

Anonymous said...

If anyone's still following this post/thread: for those of us who lack a critical musical faculty, what makes a good songwriter? Obviously there's a difference between saying that I like someone's music and saying that that person's a great songwriter. But, for example, given his aptitude for lyrics, I'd expected Paul Simon (who is in fact one of my favorites) to be in the top ten.

I'm G

P.S. Speak no evil of the Boss.