Thursday, August 23, 2007

Move On Up

We are back! As Gerdon said, Europe welcomed us with open arms and it was great. Sadly, as Gerdon also mentioned, music did not play a big part in our trip. I listened to lots of music on the train rides across the boot, but I didn't really delve into anything new, just old classics. Luckily, America has also welcomed us back with open arms as the new Josh Ritter has hit the airs and is fantastic (more on this later). Before we left, My Morning Jacket played Lollapolooza and covered Curtis Mayfield's great Move On Up. MMJ is a great band, as you should know, and they pick some great covers. So, without further adeiu, check out MMJ's version of Move On Up, with a little help from the Chicago Youth Orchestra.

My Morning Jacket -- Move On Up

Note: The quality is not exceptional, as this is an MP3 converted from FLAC. If you want better quality, I would suggest downloading the FLAC file from the Live Archive. You can get that here.


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