Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Cinco de Buyo?!?!?

HA!! See what I did there.....I changed Mayo to Buyo!! And soon after hilarity ensued.

But Ryan, why did you change Mayo (pronounced Mye-Oh, for the Spanish impaired) to Buyo??

Well, this weekend I was fortunate to experience a sale of epic proportions....ok, epic might be overstating the fact, but it was a pretty damn good sale if you ask me.

Ever heard of Grimey's?? Its Nashville's premier indie record store, that Bryan even managed to both visit and write about after a recent visit to Nashvegas. (Read Bryan's Grimey's post here.)

Well, this past Saturday (May 5 for the calendar impaired) Grimey's had an "everything in the store is on sale" sale. All new CD's were 20% off, used CD's were 15%, or something like that, off, and they had a awe-inspiring number of CD's at the all-time fantastic price of $2. And when you consider how cheap everything is there on a normal day, all of those are pretty good deals.

Being on the Grimey's mailing list, I caught wind of this debauchery and decided to give the sale the ol' look-see, and boy am I glad I did. I came up outta that bitch with 4 CDs!! Reminded me of the BMG days where they'd send me like 8 CD's and I'd have no idea which to listen to first. Here was my catch:

Ola Podrida's self-titled debut (just came out last Tuesday)
the new Bright Eyes CD Cassadega
an old Pedro the Lion CD Achilles Heel
and The National's album Alligator for $2!!!

So, I haven't given these CD's thorough listens yet, due to my weekend spent ripping up our carpet and installing hardwood floors (hence the lack of post this weekend). But all four of these were basically playing on repeat from Saturday afternoon on whilst working. So, whereas I feel I'm in no position to offer up final opinions on any of these tasty morsals, i do feel up to handing out some first impressions. Here's what I think.

Ola Podrida - Ola Podrida: I played their song Cindy in my last webcast and have been excited about getting this CD since I first heard it. I've listened to this one more than the other four, and it certainly hasn't disappointed. You can actually hear the streaming of four of the songs (including Cindy) on their myspace page.

Bright Eyes - Cassadega: Not sure about this one yet. My initial response for this is the same as it was for every other Bright Eyes CDs...."Hmm, that was weird. I think I'm going to have to give it another listen." I've gone on to like the other Bright Eyes albums, so I'm sure I'll come around to this one too.

Pedro the Lion - Achilles Heel: I actually first heard about this band (which is really only one dude, David Bazan) a couple years ago when they opened for Death Cab, but I didn't pay too much attention to them, and therefore never thought to buy one of their albums. Now, I'm going to see a solo Ben Gibbard this Sunday and David Bazan is playing with him again, so I decided to adequately prepare myself, and give Pedro a listen. To be honest, his voice sounds a bit too monotonous for my personal tastes, but maybe after I see him this weekend I'll have more of an appreciation for his musical stylings.....we'll see.

The National - Alligator: They have a new CD coming out in a month or so from which I've heard one song, so I figured I'd give them a try....especially for only $2. I've listened to this the least so far, but methinks I like. I like the very "light" sounding guitars so far, but that's really all i remember from my first listen.

So, i'll give these a little more in depth attention this week. If you have these albums or any opinions on any of these bands, let me hear them.....i'm curious to know what you think.



gerdon said...

Damn, what a deal at old Grimey's. That's a hell of place. I'm still looking for a good local store out here. Methinks (fantastic words choice there...), I'll have to stop in when next I'm in town.

Bryan said...

Damn, Grimey's is the real deal. I wish I could visit that store more than once every, well, 27 years.

The National pickup is the one that intrigues me most. These guys have their roots in Cinci and are playing a show here sometime soon. I have Alligator but haven't devoted much time to it, perhaps I need to sit and listen for a while. I remember it being very critically acclaimed when it was first released. I do love the song Lit Up though!

Mad props to you Rutledge for supporting your local music store.

ryan said...

You gonna be here this weekend Gerdon for graduation? Maybe we could make a trip.

PS You'll both be interested to know that they're also having a Midnight Sale this Monday night/Tuesday morning in honor of the new Wilco album....don't think i'll be making that one, but damn I love that place.

gerdon said...

Yessir, I did make it over to Grimey's on Sunday. Unfortunately, I didn't find what I was looking for, but I did pick up a used Maceo Parker disc - should be good.