Sunday, February 25, 2007

Nashville homage and weekend music haul

This past weekend marked our final trip to Nashville, Tennessee to visit our fellow Communist comrade, Mr. Gerdon. Friends from far and near descended to Tennessee for one last opportunity to eat his food, drink his beer, and trash his apartment before his migration to the west coast. After floating a keg of the sweet nectar that is Shiner Bock and playing copious amounts of Beer Guy, I think all can agree that debauchery was the rule. It was a helluva way to say goodbye to Nashvegas. I am sure Mr. Gerdon can elaborate on all of the good music he was exposed to during his tenure there. As a homage to the capital of Tennessee, the state BELOW Kentucky, here are some of my favorite Tennessee titled tunes.
Bob Dylan -- Nashville Skyline Rag from Nashville Skyline
My Morning Jacket -- Nashville to Kentucky from The Tennessee Fire
Hem -- The Tennessee Waltz from No Word From Tom
The Silver Jews -- Tennessee from Bright Flight

When we weren't playing Beer Guy, we hit the town and visited one of the finest record stores I've ever browsed. Grimey's New and Preloved Music is a magnificent display, featuring a varied selection of new and used music, DVDs, and vinyl.

Not the same Grimey but equally as sweet!

The place also doubles as a venue -- in fact, later that day they were hosting a CD release party for country music legend Charlie Louvin and his new self-titled record (check out this Uncle Tupelo cover of one of his more famous songs, Atomic Power).

In any event, I was able to pick up some great CDs. I found Mark Kozelek's new live album, Little Drummer Boy and purchased used copies of Neil Young's classic, On The Beach, and the Open Season soundtrack, composed by former Replacement's frontman, Paul Westerberg -- all for a reasonable price. Here are some of the highlights from each release.

This bear's idea of gun control is using both hands/paws.

Paul Westerberg -- Right to Arm Bears
Neil Young -- For The Turnstiles
Mark Kozelek -- Salvador Sanchez

The best find of the weekend might've been picking up The Last Waltz DVD from Kroger's for a mere $10. I think that spells good news for The Last Waltz director Martin Scorsese and his quest to win Best Director for the first time at tonight's Oscars for his work in The Departed (a great, great movie, but I am still partial to Little Miss Sunshine). Check out a few songs from The Band's final concert below, featuring a handful of the stars that make this a memorable event.

The Band -- Down South In New Orleans (with Bobby Charles) [With all the NOLA talk around here this week, it seems appropriate].
The Band -- Further On Up The Road (with Eric Clapton)
The Band -- The Weight (with The Staples) [I hazily remember discussing our favorite versions of this song this weekend -- let me throw this in for consideration].

That's it for now but look for some big news to follow as we're looking to expand our musical repertoire. More on that later!



gerdon said...
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gerdon said...

I sure appreciate everybody haulin ass down to Nashvegas for the festivities. It was awesome to tear up my shitty apt one last time before heading out.

I'm glad you appreciated the music and Grimey's especially, Kendall. The Mark Kozelek song is really good, as is the Neil Young, and that's not a bad version of the Weight.

Bryan said...

What happened to that first comment?

Yeah Grimey's is great...too bad it was the last time I'll be there for a while.

gerdon said...

Yeah, I fucked up my first comment - I have trouble composing sentences, so I thought I should start over.