Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Back from hiatus....

Or perhaps laziness, I am not sure. Fear not, for I have returned from hibernation, or inebriation, with nothing new except one realization. Yes, this site is for introducing music that I think is worthwhile to my friends, family, cult followers, etc, but it also has morphed into a sort of music biography, as Gerdon's brother once wisely suggested he do.

I swear, my hiatus had nothing to do with teh drugz.

The music I like to post is music that describes my life. You probably already knew that, but I am slow so it took me a while to catch on. Moving on....

Today, Cincinnati got punished by a winter storm and for the last week, mother earth has struck back with a vengenance. Just when we think global warming has conquered nature, she drops the hammer and we get buried in subzero temperatures. All this cold weather makes me look forward to spring time and seeing live music outside. Here's some music that helps get me through those winter blues.

Alison Brown - Fair Weather from Fair Weather
The Decemberists - Summer Song from The Crane Wife
Lucinda Williams - Ventura from Live at the Fillmore
Thad Cockrell - Warmth and Beauty from Warmth and Beauty

Coming soon: Sample tracks from Son Volt's new album and a new podcast concerning the duality of Valentine's Day. Also, Dook sucks!



gerdon said...

I'm finding the "music biography" aspact of the blog more difficult to do, as compared to the CDs I used to send out. Hard to be as candid. I guess I figure more people will look at the blog/listen to the webcast. I don't know why I would think that...

Bryan said...

Hey man, let's not kid ourselves...no one is listening to our podcasts!