Monday, February 19, 2007

Mayer, Frusciante, and Trucks

I realize that our faithful fans don't actually read about or listen to the webcast and therefore are likely to miss out on the "Rolling Stones" video about the new guitar gods, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to post this video in the most convenient way possible. Thank you YouTube. So, check out the video and enjoy Derek Trucks smokin the other two!


Bryan said...

Great video! I've got no problem with the other two, but I can't disagree with you that Derek Trucks is a complete fucking badass!

Brandon went to the NYE show and said it was pretty killer.

Brandon said...

Nope can't go wrong with Derek Trucks. I've seen him twice now at two of the best indoor venues I've ever been to. The first was at The Fletcher Opera House in Raleigh. Also witnessed a very interesting performer, to say the least, in one Whistlin' Britches. That is all I will say out of respect.

The second was at the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta. Tedeschi, Trucks, Champaigne at midnight, and The Weight for an encore. Not a bad way to bring in the New Year.

Both Tedeschi and Trucks are fine musicians. I don't want to put the pressure on, but is there any doubt their offspring will be virtuosos?