Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Son Volt

As I've mentioned here before, Jay Farrar and Son Volt have a new album due out at the beginning of March. From the tracks available for listen right now, the album sounds fantastic! Okemah and the Melody of Riot was a fine record, but these tracks from The Search sound a little more rootsy and country, just how I like it. Stream two of the songs below (sorry, no mp3s).

Son Volt - Methamphetamine

Son Volt - Highways & Cigarettes

While we're at it, check out some of the songs that will be on Jason Isbell's (of the Drive-By Truckers fame) solo record that's been in the works for a while but we've yet to see released. Cruise on over to this myspace page for a sneak peak of three songs. Sounds great, especially Birmingham Tonight! Hopefully this album will see the light of day sometime this year.


gerdon said...

That Son Volt sounds pretty good, but the Jason Isbell is really nice. You know I dig that blues sound - pretty different from DBTs. You can definitely see the different personalities in their solo stuff.

Bryan said...

I was also pleasantly surprised with the Isbell songs. I prefer Patterson and Cooley to him and considering the stuff he contributed to Blessing and a Curse (which was pretty much junk), I am glad to hear these songs.

Then again, he recorded these songs a few years ago, so hopefully his Blessing stuff was an anomoly.

Rutledge said...

I really like that methamphetamine song. I heard any Son Volt since that single they had back in the 90s. Good stuff man.