Monday, February 26, 2007

Vanderbilt - Rites of Spring

Members of the Vanderbilt Student Programming Board have announced an initial lineup for the Rites of Spring festival that's held every year on the scenic Nashville campus. While the ROS website has not been updated, you can find artist information in an article in the Vanderbilt Hustler and also through Paste Magazine. I was actually pretty surprised for the Vanderbilt festival to be noticed by such a nice music source as Paste Magazine. Let's cut to the chase - bands to see include The Roots, Keller Williams, Drive-By Truckers, Amos Lee, and the Dynamites. There are a lot of other great performers (including Naughty By Nature!!!), so check out the full lineup and news sources:

Rites of Spring website
Vanderbilt Hustler
Paste Maganize


Bryan said...

THat does look like a pretty sweet lineup -- definitely something for everyone. Wonder when the Truckers are scheduled because I'm supposed to see Isbell play with Son Volt on April 20th, the date listed as DBT's performance....

As for Naughty By Nature, that shit is ill! They were dope at perhaps their greatest show, Hanover College, May 2001.

Brandon said...

That line up is not half bad. The Roots are definitely my favorite hip-hop band. I really wish I would have been into them back at Bonnaroo. Them and the Flaming Lips are two acts I regret not catching now. If you like the Roots check out "The Roots Come Alive." A great live album in general, its probably my favorite album ever from the hip-hop genre. If all their live shows are like this the Nashville crowd should be in for a treat.

ryan said...

I gotta ask....I heard the Roots at Bonnaroo a couple of years ago and really liked what I heard, but have never really been into hip hop. Is the "Roots Come Alive" CD good (even for non-hiphop fans)??? I think i'm going to try it out.

Brandon said...

Well if your not really into hip hop but you did enjoy the Roots at Bonnaroo, I don't see why you wouldn't also enjoy "Roots Come Alive." If you are going to get a hip hop cd, it might as well be this one. I can figure out how to post some songs if you are interested.