Thursday, May 3, 2007

Rage Against the Comeback??????

Please, oh pretty please make a CD

Rumor has it, and actually its more than just rumor, BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED, is that Rage Against the Machine reformed to play at Coachella this past week!!! That's right, everyone's favorite militant rap-rocker Zack de la Rocha got back together with Tom Morello and company and played a bunch of old hits at the Indio, California festival. Hey, Zack even went as far to compare this US administration to Nazi war criminals......ahhh, nice to have ya back, Rage.

Whereas I'm no one to comment on ultra-leftist politics, I do know a thing about music that kicks ass, and from where I sit, Rage always managed pretty well at that. So, here's to hoping they make a new record and that we never have to listen to Audioslave again.....
A couple of Rage faves of mine to close....Enjoy.

While we're at it, whaddya say we all go buy a Rage cd....ya game? Actually, I've already got them all, but if you don't I highly recommend them....try here and here.

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islamabadass said...

"compare this US administration to Nazi war criminals"...I don't get the reference :-) [end sarcasm]

Haven't heard these guys in quite some time. 'Tis good to know they're still kicking and spewing out politically charged lyrics.

The new site design is *awesome*! This had to be the work of Kendallb. Great success! Clearly, all other blogs are run by little girls...