Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Six Pack IV

These guys got me drunk.

It's Sunday, I apologize.

This week's Six Pack is a tribute to the Live Music Archive. This site is the tits and it includes many great bands. This is my first drunk post and it rules! Enjoy!

Drive-By Truckers -- Women Without Whiskey from 4.27.07
This is from the first night of the Dirt Underneath Tour that DBT is currently rocking. These shows are great. Another Cooley gem!
[Buy DBT here]

Ryan Adams -- Nobody Girl from 12.5.06
Great clip fuckers. Nobody Girl from Gold is sick. Live is almost always better, especially when a pedal steel is involved!
[Buy Ryan Adams here]

My Morning Jacket -- Oh What A Night from 3.7.2007
Something about MMJ covering this song makes it cool!
[Buy MMJ here]

Elliot Smith -- A Fond Farewell from 1.31.2003
A great fucking song. Much props to RR for his continued recs for this guy. Is he not the greatest singer-songwriter of the 1990s? I think you could make a compelling argument that he is.
[Buy Elliott Smith from here]

Toad The Wet Sprocket -- Something's Always Wrong
from 8.30.1997
I didn't realize Toad was on the LMA. Good stuff from Santa Barbara of all places.
[Buy Toad the Wet Sprocket here]

Cast Iron Filter -- Americana Hotel from 7.23.2004
Thanks to Gerdon for these guys. As he mentioned in another post, this is a great roadtripping song.
[Buy Cast Iron Filter here]



ryan said...

You know what's funny about you putting the Elliott Smith song on there....he was typically considered a pretty shitty live act. More a novelty just to see than anything else.

He constantly forgot the words to his songs, would always stop in the middle of his songs and just give up and play something else. Kinda funny, honestly.

Regardless, the one you found was a good one. Keep the six packs a coming...i always look forward to them.

gerdon said...

I like the live slow version of Americana Motel. I'm afraid these guys might be doomed to tour NC for the rest of their lives though. I hope they keep it up anyway.