Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday Six Pack IV

Music inspired or somewhat loosely tied to my recent trip to California:

Wilco -- Is That The Thanks I Get? :: This song was recorded for Sky Blue Sky but did not make the final cut. That's too bad really because it'd likely be my favorite song on an otherwise ho-hum album. Luckily, Wilco is always flexible with the tunes and were kind enough to release the studio take of the song.
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Merle Haggard -- The Bottle Let Me Down :: Listened to Merle on my ride from Indy on Monday night. Damn, wish I would've sung his entire catalogue when we went karoaking on Friday night.
[Buy Merle Haggard here]

Centro-matic -- Patience For The Ride :: This is a tribute to LA and the traffic. We experienced this in all its glory on Monday morning.
[Buy Centro-matic here]

Jay Farrar -- California :: Hey, why the fuck not include this song? It's better than that OC song.
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Sly and The Family Stone -- If You Want Me To Stay :: I've posted about this song before but I'll post it again because it's just plain awesome. Awesome bass line, awesome funk, awesome voice, just awesome. I tried to get people to sing this with me on Friday night but no one knew it. Now you have no excuse.
[Buy Sly here]

Robbie Fulks -- Believe :: Chalk this up under the Weird Covers file. Robbie Fulks, a country crooner, covering Cher's hit song Believe. Believe this bitches, it's better than Cher's.
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Taking the dog to dog obedience school. Maybe I'll learn something too.


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