Saturday, May 5, 2007

Saturday Six Pack III

This week's Six Pack is really a Mint Julip in honor of the 133rd running of The Kentucky Derby. The first weekend in May has always been a sort of unofficial holiday for me, many times with heavy doses of Maker's Mark thrown in for good measure. However, today I had to break with tradition and not drink at all because I idiotically signed up to run a marathon tomorrow. Songs about Kentucky, soul/motivation/drive, and thoughts of home make up this week's selections.

Lucero -- Poor Heartache
from The Coldwater Sessions
I find lots of great music via the many great blogs out there. This one comes from Captain's Dead and features a large collection of demos/unreleased tunes from Lucero's self titled album. I love the old timey music feel to this one.
[Buy Lucero here]

Guided By Voices -- It's Like Soul Man from Under The Bushes Under The Stars
The second track from this album for a second consecutive week. I bet you can guess which album has been getting a lot of play around here.
[Buy GBV here and here]

Loretta Lynn -- Family Tree from Van Lear Rose
Loretta is a Kentucky gem. With all of my reflection for home in the last week, it was natural to listen to her. She got lots of help from Jack White on this album, a dude discussed here lately.
[Buy Loretta Lynn here]

My Morning Jacket -- Evelyn Is Not Real from Tennessee Fire
Kentucky's finest as they like to call themselves. The nick name is appropriate and I can certainly say they're the most redeeming thing about Louisville.
[Buy MMJ here and here]

Yo La Tengo -- The Race Is On Again from I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass
Duh, racing music. This song's been on the running playlist for months.
[Buy Yo La Tengo here and here]

Gram Parsons -- Sing Me Back Home from Sleepless Nights
Gram's the man!
[Buy GP here]



ryan said...

I gotta say....i love me some six packs. Keep em coming. I've got a nice post coming in the next day or so about this AMAZING sale that Grimey's had in honor of Cinco de Mayo....keep an eye out.

Good luck on the marathon...i'll give the songs a good listen tomorrow and actually leave a constructive comment.


islamabadass said...

I won't take the conventional route of wishing you "good luck" because you "idiotically signed up to run a marathon tomorrow". Maybe I'm just jealous because I only travel 26+ miles with the help of my trusty mechanical chariot. Instead, I encourage you to not collapse. That should send all kinds of inspiration surging through your veins.

I am reminded of that ancient anecdote told to future doctors (and other professionals) of America:

What do you call the guy who graduates at the bottom of his class in med school?

Wait, this is a music blog. Good Loretta Lynn reference.

Anonymous said...

hey, sorry to be all nit-picky, but i think that lucero song is called "poor heartache". "heart so true" is a song off of their album "the attic tapes"

Bryan said...

Hey Anon, you are correct. My apologies for the oversight...I should probably change that.

gerdon said...

Nice six pack, sir. Good songs. I am ashamed to admit that I now own both the Yo La Tengo and My Morning Jacket albums, but haven't had the time to listen to them....disgraceful. Perhaps this will give me the motivation.