Friday, November 9, 2007

Music of 2007

Magnolia Electric Co

Well, after giving it a good think and a scotch or two, I discovered that I have listened to a few new albums this year, and perhaps I should share them with you. I've listened to this new Radiohead album, which I can't say I disliked. The electronic jazz I can really get in to. The other stuff...well, maybe not. Of course, I've mentioned JJ Cale and Eddie Vedder's stuff already - you know I dig it.

How bout this Broken Social Scene alum, Jason Collett? He's got a couple albums out and a new one in 2007 called Here's to Being Here. You can go to his site and download two mp3 from the album. They've got a BSS-ish sound that I can say I'm digging on.

Then there's Magnolia Electric Co, with Jason Molina frontman that's seems to have been around in the past few years. I've been considering picking up an album (and will do so in good time), but happened across the wealth of live shows downloadable on his website. Pick one and try it out. I recently bought "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere" by Neil Young (a classic for sure - damn fine Cowgirl In the Sand) and Magnolia Electric Co seems to transition well from that. If you enjoy Neil, you'll enjoy this.


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Kendall said...

Thanks for the link Gerdon. I didn't realize all that stuff was out there. I too have only discovered the greatness of MEC this year. It's hard to avoid the Neil Young comparisons and they are apt, but I think we'd both agree that Molina is no Neil rip off. Love how he can transition from the rock to the slow country to even the folky, just like Neil did/does.