Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Patience rewarded....

Neko Case, and, oh yeah, The New Pornographers

Ah ha, me 1, impatience 0. If you've spent any time with me at all, then you know that I am quite impatient, in particular to music. I also suffer from music ADD. This is relevant because just today, Emusic picked up The New Pornographers' latest record, Challengers. Released in August, I have held out 1) Because I am patient, 2) I knew Emusic would get it eventually and 3) I was enthralled with other stuff. I just picked up the album and am spinning it for the second time. I had heard My Rights Versus Yours and enjoyed it, so here it is for your satisfaction. The second song I'll post is called Adventures In Solitude, something quite apt considering I just finished Into The Wild.

The New Pornographers -- My Rights Versus Yours
The New Pornographers -- Adventures In Solitude
[buy NP here]

I'll hold off on a review as of now because 1) It's too early to have digested, 2) I suck at reviews and 3) Twin Cinema was a great album and will be tough to top.

These damn supergroups from Canada keep churning out indie/pop rock music that I can stomach. Damn them......


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