Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sick MIX

DJ Sab and DJ Sosza think this stuff is sick.

Being a little under the weather on this here Saturday night, I reckoned there'd be no better time than now to make a new, SICK mix. Considering my physical state, along with the chilly November evening, this stuff ends up being pretty mellow. Nonetheless, this stuff is SICK, yo!

The Magnolia Electric Co -- Memphis Moon
The New Pornographers -- Failsafe
Elliott Smith -- Rose Parade
Interpol -- Evil
The Stratford 4 -- Autopilot
Modest Mouse -- Medication
Built to Spill -- Else
Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew -- F--ked Up Kid
Yo La Tengo -- The Lie And How We Told It
Big Star -- Thirteen
The Silver Jews -- Friday Night Fever
The Broken West -- Shiftee
Andrew Bird -- Yawny at the Apocalypse

Hope you enjoy.

One more thing. I wouldn't be a dick if I didn't point out to my fellow bloggers....

Kentucky 27, Vanderbilt 20




ryan said...

UK Boooooooo.

Congrats to your boys stayin alive in the SEC.

aren said...

What? You're bragging that your bad-ass UK team barely beat Vandy? Does Vandy even have a team?

How about UK basketball? Who did they lose to?

Besides, nobody cares because the GB Packers are unstoppable.

aren said...

Looking forward to the tunes too, by the way. Its nice to see a cohesive unit of music put together here. Right on.

Delysid said...

This may be the first time I've downloaded every track in one of these music blog mix listings. Some of the artists are unknown to me, but the 8 or so I do know are all among my favourites, so I have high hopes for the others. This is exactly what makes music blogs great.

Delysid said...

The Interpol "Evil" mp3 includes part of another song at the beginning and ends weirdly too. There's something not quite right about that mp3.

ryan said...

Hey delysid,

You come around here often??

Hopefully you'll see more you like.

Anyways, not sure if Brian fixed the mp3 yet or not, but everything sounds fine to me, leading me to believe he did.

That's the Evil I know and love.

Kendall said...


Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the bands in the mix.

Anonymous said...

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