Saturday, October 27, 2007

(Into) The Wild

Into the Wild, the movie; Eddie at the opening; smoke on the water, the California coast

Several events have come together to prompt this post. The first was my reading of Into the Wild by John Krakauer a few years back. It certainly hit me as an exciting, interesting, scary, and tragic true story about society and nature. Man, what a great book. Recently, this book was scooped up by Hollywood and made into a movie. The movie was good. The book was better, but I'd highly recommend both. One of the nice things about the movie was the soundtrack, put together by Eddie Vedder, who can relate to wildness, I think. It sounds pretty good to me - a bit more subdued that you might think of when Pearl Jam comes into play, which I think is nice. It's still very raw in Eddie's style, but that fits the movie well. And, as Eddie knows how, you can hear the tragedy dripping off his words. Check out two tracks from the movie, below. Finally, we have the wild fires of Southern California - another tragedy and display of the wild. The forces of nature are amazing and, while a forest fire is ultimately a good thing for an ecosystem, it can wreck havoc on our worldly plans. I'm certainly thinking about those displaced by the fire, the fire fighters working to get things under control, and the lives lost.

Eddie Vedder - Far Behind
Eddie Vedder - Hard Sun

Buy the Soundtrack for Into the Wild right here.


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Kendall said...

Man, wish I had been clued in earlier. I keep meaning to pick this book up and seeing the movie while it's still out.

Good call on the Vedder stuff though. I can't stop listening to Hard Sun.