Wednesday, October 31, 2007

AG Webcast: Episode 8

Fans, you probably didn't notice that I didn't post a webcast in September and October is falling fast. Well, I'm here just in time to quell your fears. The reason I've been on hiatus is that I've been pretty busy at the job place - a thing that should never happen, but dammit, it does. I have been determined, worker, intense, good worker, hard worker, terrific as of late, though I still pale in comparison to Sir Schrute.
I'm sure Dwight would agree that when you get in a zone, one thing that can keep you there is some sweet music. So, here's what I've been listening to over the past month or so. Enjoy!

Wilco - Walken, Sky Blue Sky (2007)
Wilco - On and On and On, Sky Blue Sky (2007)
Ox - Blue Morning, Dust Bowl Revival (2003)
Ox - Fat Old Sun, Dust Bowl Revival (2003)
Bob Marley - So Much Things to Say, Exodus (1977)
Bob Marley - Exodus, Exodus (1977)
Bob Marley - One Love/People Get Ready, Exodus (1977)
JJ Cale - Travelin Light, Troubadour (1976)
JJ Cale - Waymore's Blues, Rewind (2007, recorded 1971)
JJ Cale - Since You Said Goodbye, Rewind (2007, recorded 1973)
JJ Cale - Its Good to Be In Austin, Rewind (2007, recorded 1992)

Happy Halloween!

1 comment:

Kendall said...

DUde, that is awesome. Schrute is my hero! I deserve 50 Schrute bucks for that comment.

Oh yeah, the music is good too. Nicely done.