Sunday, October 14, 2007

College Football Rules....

Captain Badass

Ladies and gentlemen,

My sports related postings on this here music blog are usually limited to laments about the failures of my favorite teams. I can happily report that this is not the case this time around as my beloved Kentucky Wildcats upset #1 LSU in triple overtime this weekend. There are too many players to single out for their great efforts, so I'll focus on our most known player, Andre Woodson. He is the real deal folks, and if you saw the game yesterday you don't need me to describe how he kept the vaunted LSU defense off balance with his game management; he audibled at the line over half of the plays, almost always picking the right thing.

So, in honor of Andre Woodson, I present Jason Molina and Songs:Ohia, who will bestow him a new nickname.

Songs Ohia: Captain Badass

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ryan said...

Ah, yes. Jason Molina. He was the one brother not to attempt catching at the big league level, correct??

By the way, my brother scored free tickets right before that game. He said going to the game was the best sporting experience of his life.

Kendall said...

I had a ticket but had to give it up. Going to Florida today, hoping for a similar result.

My bro went and echoed your brother's sentiments.