Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Eagles Are Back!!

But unfortunately you won't find anything about that here. Instead, I offer a sampling of other great music that I've been digging on since I last commented. What can I say, I am one lazy dude.

The Dude is both lazy and hates The Eagles, just like me.

I'm heading more and more indie in the last few months. Two of these bands were brought up by Rutledge including one found here that he thinks could be the best album of the year. I thought I had this figured out, but then I get hit by all this new good music released in the last year, including the one Rutledge recommends above. Two more months to go and the Top 10 for the year is up in the air it seems. I doubt The Eagles will make that list though.

Band of Horses -- Ode to the LRC from Cease to Begin [buy here]
Modest Mouse -- Missed the Boat from We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank [buy here]
Peter Bjorn & John -- Start to Melt from Writer's Block [buy here]
Rogue Wave -- Lake Michigan from Asleep At Heaven's Gate [buy here]

I'm probably late to the game with these guys, but I am glad I finally discovered them.



Adam said...

Hey: This is has happened before with some of your stuff--I download it, but all that downloads is a .gif (the files end .mp3.gif). Any ideas?

Adam said...

Forget it...figured it out.

Bunnie Lebowski said...

fuck man they're playing the eagles all the time on all my favorite stations. i've almost crashed my car several times this week in the flurry of trying to change the station before the seizures kick in. man i hate the fucking eagles

ryan said...

Ahh, knew it was only a matter of time before we saw Bunnie post on this one.

By the way, glad you like the BoH album. Good call on some Rogue Wave. I like the one you posted. I had heard about them, and they get a little airplay on XM, but I had never taken myself the opportunity to look them up.

Kendall said...

bunnie...i love you. watch out for your local pd...they're real reactionaries and possibly fascists.

rutledge...yeah man, i really dig band of horses. i couldn't stop singing general specific today. top to bottom, it might be my favorite of the year.