Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Magnolia Electric Co

Ages ago I wrote about my new found fondness for Magnolia Electric Company and their head honcho, Jason Molina. Welp, a few weeks later and surprisingly, my ADDish music personality is still spinning the shit out of their new box set, Sojourner. Thing is, the songs are great, and I like great songs. Jason Molina has been around for a while, doing his thing with numerous bandmates and band names. My previous experiences with MEC included albums such as Trials and Errors and Hard To Love A Man, both of which are, well, electricified. These albums aren't bad, but for whatever reason, they did not register with me as superbad. Enter Sojourner. The first two (of four total) discs are available on Emusic and feature songs off of MEC's previous albums with many more stripped down than their originals. For whatever reason, these songs have struck a chord with me. The lyrics are thoughtful and well-penned and stick out much more to me with these versions. The Neil Young comparisons are inevitable, as Molina's voice sounds similar and the themes he explores are close to Neil territory. The playing is outstanding, featuring some driving electric, including some slide, some lap steel action, and well-placed keys along with some great melodies. Great, I tell ya...this collection of songs is great.

So anyway, check out a few tracks from Sojourner:

Magnolia Electric Co -- Montgomery
Magnolia Electric Co -- Blackbird
Magnolia Electric Co -- What Comes After The Blues

You can also go here to check out another MEC song.

Admittedly, I have a lot to dive into with Molina, as his catalogue is plentiful, but I like what I am hearing so far. Take a listen for yourself and then head over to your favorite store and purchase on a whim. For instance, here's Amazon or, if you prefer, Emusic.


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