Saturday, October 6, 2007

JJ Cale - Rewind

JJ in his younger days

Back in the early 70's Cale moved from Tulsa to LA and finally to Nashville, TN, where he messed around on Music Row and started recording tons of tracks for his numerous kick ass albums (Troubadour - 1976, Really - 1973, ect...). A bunch of songs and cuts that never made the discs got stuck in a box somewhere and sat around for a decade or so (right under my nose, when I lived in Nashville - why did I not sniff this good stuff out?). Well, finally those unreleased songs and a lot of interesting covers (Waylon Jennings, Randy Newman, Eric Clapton) are out on disc. I'm listening to it right now and I'm far from disappointed. It's different to here Cale cover somebody else's songs as he's always hung on to that original songwriter mentality. I sure do like his little bluesy numbers though.

Check out some tunes, interviews, and videos - JJ Cale - Rewind


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