Monday, June 25, 2007

Sunday Six Pack

This week for the Sunday Six Pack, I took a trip back in time to middle school where, instead of listening to The Chronic and Doggystyle, I listened to the following songs, well at least the first four. The last two are later additions that present Bryan, playing past Bryan, would've listened to in the future.

The Replacements -- Unsatisfied from Let It Be
[Buy The Replacements here]

Dinosaur Jr -- Freak Scene from Bug
[Buy Dino Jr here]

Guided By Voices -- Office of Hearts from Under the Bushes Under the Stars
[Buy GBV here]

Uncle Tupelo -- I Wanna Destroy You from Still Feel Gone [Buy UT here]

Wilco -- Red Eyed and Blue > I Got You (At The End of The Century) from Nashville TN 10/29/2002 [Buy Wilco here]

The Hold Steady -- Cattle And The Creeping Things from Separation Sunday
[Buy The Hold Steady here]



matt said...

that is one hell of a good post my friend!

Julia said...

Ahhh! As one of my favorite Wilco songs, I used to play I Got You on my drive to school from home (that would be college since for some strange reason I didn't listen to the Being There album until then...) Can I suggest this song for your mix cd? or is it too late for that post??

Bryan said...

Hey Julia,

Never too late for a mix post! ALways love the Red, Eyed and Blue segue into I Got You on Being There. WIsh they'd bring it back into the live repertoire.