Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Original Tony Watt

Tony, in front playing guitar, Sam Bush in the background looking on admiringly...

I'd like to introduce to KGB a fine friend of mine from Nashville, Tennessee: Tony Watt. Tony's working on a PhD at Vanderbilt, but the real news is that this guy is a bad ass flat picker, he's intimately inserted in the Nashville bluegrass scene, and is working on a new record with a new band (Tony, I had to find this out via Google...). The band is Cages Bend and hopefully we'll hear some tunes from them soon. In the mean time you can check out one original Tony Watt tune and a tune he recorded with Meridian back in the day on his brand freakin new myspace music page. Both tracks sounds great to these ears so I recommend you check em out.

Other news on Tony is that he recently pulled in 2nd place at the Doc Watson Guitar Championship at MerleFest 2007, which is a damn fine accomplishment. Now, back in Nashville, I took maybe 1.5 guitar lessons with Tony, so I figure that puts me at least 4th, maybe 3rd, best guitar player in the state of California. Thanks Tony!


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