Thursday, June 7, 2007

Porter Wagoner look a like.....

From Somalia to Missouri, we have comrades worldwide. Tonight, I present to you Porter Wagoner, a country legend and member of the Grand Ole Opry. Porter just turned 80 so what's he do?

That is one SWEET jacket!

He releases an album that might be the best country album of the year. Teaming with Marty Stuart, Porter plays your momma's and poppy's country music. Take a listen to the following from his newest, Wagonmaster, and relish that some country music does indeed still come from Nashville.

Porter Wagoner -- Many Hurried Southern Trips
[Buy Porter here]

Finally, here's a nod to the man himself from one of my favorites, The Drive-By Truckers. Check out this live track from an October 2006 show in Bloomington.

Drive-By Truckers -- 18 Wheels of Love (complete with Patterson's mom story)
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gerdon said...

Old Porter sounds really good man. He was good at the Grand Ole Opry. I don't see how you could ever doubt that fantastic Country, Western, and Bluegrass music is coming out of Nashville, TN!

Brandon said...

Never listened to old Porter but I've got to say now that I have it's good stuff. Impressive at any age, let alone 80. If you like this I'd like to also recommend Ramblin' Jack Elliott's latest "I Stand Alone." OK so he's only 75 and more on the "folky" side, but come on. Watch out for the obvious guest appearances of Flea and the great Nels Cline.

Speaking of Nels also check out M. Wards "To Go Home" for other Nels appearances. He sure gets around, and that's a good thing for once.

ryan said...

Hey, just heard that Porter's going to be opening for The White Stripes on their next tour...that'll be interesting.