Monday, July 30, 2007

Six Pack

It's been real slow 'round here these last few days. Reckon everyone is busy with school and things much less important than music. The dog days of August are almost upon us, meaning that we have passed the midpoint for the year. Since I love making lists, I figured this Six Pack would include my favorite 6 songs of the year thus far. Yes, some of them are songs I've previously posted but that's why they're up again -- they rock.

1. Spoon -- Black Like Me from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga :: I've really been digging the new Spoon album and I probably could pick three songs from it that would be in contention. For the moment, this is the song. Love the intro with the weaving piano!
[Buy Spoon here]

2. Wilco -- You Are My Face from Sky Blue Sky :: Still not sure about this album, but You Are My Face is crunchy guitar goodness. This shows the power that is Nels on guitar -- see around 1:28.
[Buy Wilco here]

3. Centro-matic -- Atlanta from Operation Motorcide :: I've posted about this song already. Will Johnson is the man and this song is catchy as hell. I'm constantly humming this song throughout the day.
[Buy Centro-matic here]

4. John Doe -- Hotel Ghost from A Year In The Wilderness :: Built on a soaring guitar rift, this song is. It starts a little soft, but as we hear about caressing skeletons, guitar takes off and is oh so good. Me fail english thats unpossible.
[Buy John Doe here]

5. Dinosaur Jr -- Back To Your Heart from Beyond :: Another repost -- a love song only as Dino Jr can write. Of course the guitar hook is nice, but I dig the subtle harmonies late in the song just as much. Go figure?
[Buy Dino Jr here]

6. The National -- Ada from The Boxer :: Yet another repost. The Boxer is probably in my top 3 for albums at the moment and this is my favorite on the disc. I like the story in the song and how the instruments contribute to that story, especially the bittersweet piano throughout.
[Buy The National here]

Welp, that's it for now. Just like a preseason college football poll, this shit is useless until we reach the end of the season. Please feel free to pimp songs for me.



aren said...

Good songs man. I actually took the effort to download them all and give them a couple listens. Reckon I should do that more often. Good tunes.

ryan said...

I suppose its time for me to get that new Spoon album. I had just recently gotten an older one so i didn't want to go off and get the new right away or else I'd never listen to the previous ones.

Same with the National. I just bought the first album and wanted to enjoy and digest it. Time for me to get that one as well. Hope they're as good as you say they are....