Monday, July 9, 2007

AG Webcast: Episode 6


Maceo Parker (not featured in this webcast, oddly) holding the horn

I love horns. It's just that simple, folks. And, so is this webcast. No crazy discourses on music here, just songs that I dig. Why do I dig em? Well, horns. They really bring a piece together for me, so I thought I'd try to share that with all you fine folks. Enjoy!

1. Al Green - I Can't Get Next To You from Al Green Gets Next To You (1971)

2. Sly and the Family Stone - Thank You (flmbme)

3. Us3 - Cantaloupe Island (Flip Fantasia) from Hand On the Torch (1993)

4. Bob Marley - I'm Hurting Inside (Alternate Mix) from Song of Freedom (1971)

5. Van Morrison - Caravan from Moondance (1970)

6. Steely Dan - Home At Last from Aja (1977)

7. JJ Cale - Chains of Love from To Tulsa and Back (2004)

8. Taj Mahal - You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond (live) from The Best of (2000)

9. The Band - Don't Do It from Rock of Ages (1972)

10. Morphine - Scratch from Yes (1995)

11. Yo La Tengo - Black Flowers from I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass (2006)

12. Yo La Tengo - Beanbag Chair from I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass (2006)



Bryan said...

Hey this looks good.

On a somewhat related note, we listened to the jazz CD you made for Holly at Comer's this weekend. It was pretty good I must say. Nice mix hoser.

aren said...

Yeah, I should probably just post that as a webcast one of these days. I thought it turned out pretty well for some light jazz.

I expected to get a phone call from that weekend at Comer's. Good time?

ryan said...

Finally got around to listening to your webcast. I've liked every Taj Mahal song that you've ever played on this blog....i suppose i need to check him out myself, huh?

Nicely done.