Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday Six Pack returns

Come on now, Billy Beer that bad?

After a week off, I am back with an updated six songs that have kept me staggering. These feature some of the new ones from Ryan Adams, Centro-matic, and Jason Isbell, along with some classics from Uncle Tupelo, John Doe, and Joni Mitchell.

Uncle Tupelo -- Whiskey Bottle from No Depression :: Don't pay attention to my chart, UT is my most played band with this song being my most listened to. I've always been a big Still Feel Gone fan, but No Depression is quickly catching up.
[Buy UT here]

John Doe -- Burning House of Love from Live From The Living Room :: John Doe, mostly known as the leader of LA punk band X, has always dabbled in alt-country music. He's reflected that through the years with various side projects and solo efforts, including a band called The Knitters. Originally from the album, The Modern Sounds of The Knitters, this live version was recently featured on Emusic. Oh yeah, he's got a great new solo album that just hit.
[Buy Live From The Living Room at Emusic]
[Buy X here]
[Buy The Knitters here]
[Buy John Doe here]

Joni Mitchell -- You Turn Me On (I'm A Radio) from For The Roses :: I love this song for Joni's voice and the witty lyrics. I walk around singing this song all fucking day. Could be worse, eh?
[Buy Joni Mitchell here]

Centro-matic -- Atlanta from Operation Motorcide :: Released this year, this EP is apparently leftover songs from Centro-matic's great album from 2006, Fort Recovery.

Will Johnson has a lot of hair.

Although these songs didn't make the original cut, I can't help but think it was a way for WIll Johnson to garner even more accolades. The dude is the man and this EP does nothing to dispel that truth.
[Buy Centro-matic here]

Jason Isbell -- Dress Blues from Sirens OF The Ditch :: On the drawing board for over two years, Jason Isbell, formerly of The Drive-By Truckers, has his solo album drop this Tuesday, July 10th. He performed this with the Truckers frequently over the last year, but it's still good to get a studio take, especially with the sweet pedal steel. Oh yeah, Isbell is on the road with Centro-matic for a few shows this summer.
[Buy Jason Isbell here and check out the dates below]

Fri. July 13 - Dallas, TX/Granada Theater w/ Pleasant Grove, Dovehunter, Sarah Jaffe.
Fri. July July 27 - Kansas City, MO/Record Bar w/ The String and Return, OK Jones.
Sat. July 28 - Chicago, IL/Wicker Park Festival w/ Man Man, many others.
Thurs. Aug. 9 - Denver, CO/Larimer Lounge w/ Jason Isbell.
Fri. Aug. 10 - Lincoln, NE/Knickerbockers w/ Jason Isbell.
Sat. Aug. 11 - Lawrence, KS/Bottleneck w/ Jason Isbell.
Tues. Aug. 14 - Austin, TX/Mohawk w/ Jason Isbell.
Wed. Aug. 15 - Houston, TX/Walter's on Washington w/ Jason Isbell.
Thurs. Aug. 16 - Baton Rouge, LA/Chelsea's w/ Jason Isbell.
Fri. Aug. 17 - Orlando, FL/The Social w/ Jason Isbell.
Sat. Aug 18 - Tampa, FL/The Crowbar w/ Jason Isbell.
Mon. Aug. 20 - Charlotte, NC/Amos' Southend w/ Jason Isbell.
Wed. Aug. 22 - Asheville, NC/Grey Eagle w/ Jason Isbell.
Thurs. Aug. 23 - Louisville, KY/Phoenix Hill w/ Jason Isbell.
Fri. Aug. 24 - Nashville, TN/Mercy Lounge w/ Jason Isbell.
Sat. Aug 25 - Macon, GA/The Hummingbird

Ryan Adams -- Pearls On A String from Easy Tiger :: This is one of my favorite tracks on his newest and to think, it almost didn't make the cut. Love the old timeyness, ya know?
[Buy RA here]

Drink up!



gerdon said...

Tunes sounds pretty good man. You know how to pick em. The Mitchell tunes is pretty sweet.

ryan said...

Hey, where's a good place to start with Drive-by Truckers. I've never actually given them much of a listen. They've got quite a few of their albums available on eMusic. Let me know which is a good one to start with.

Bryan said... favorite is Southern Rock Opera. Cool concept of a Skynyrd-esque band and their journey to stardom, but I don't think it's on emusic.

Probably the most accessible is Decoration Day. Not a bad song on that disc. You'd probably do well with The Dirty South too.