Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pink Is My Favorite Color

This KGB site is a nucular.

Well dammit...Rutledge went and done it. He introduced the Daytrotter website to me and now I am checking it pretty damn frequently -- another way to waste time at work. Anyway, two bands I am very interested in have been featured as of late. The latest is The National, which I've mentioned before. I can't stop listening to Boxer, their newest album. Check out their cover of the Psychedelic Furs, Pretty In Pink here. The site also features some other tunes from Boxer, which you can access from here. The second guy is Will Johnson, the head honcho of Centr0-matic. This cat is always writing and this Daytrotter session features a few tunes, including the previously unreleased Emma Jane. Check it out, along with three other song, here. After reading the article, I love this guy even more -- he's a bigtime Cardinals' guy!



gerdon said...

Making this site political, eh?

Bryan said...

No politics, just a nod to the show "Lil' Bush" on Comedy Central. Did you know Cheney's father is Darth Vader? You probably didn't unless you watched this show.

Anonymous said...

"ber be ber ber ber ber ber kgb rocks ber ber ber"

-lil dick cheney

Bryan said...

Well said lil' dick!