Monday, July 16, 2007


So apparently I'm a hater. Curious to know why?? Check this out and scroll to the last bit about the Neutral Milk Hotel sing-a-long. Who knew, huh? Well, obviously I don't know the backstory behind such an idea, but I stand behind my initial opinion on the issue. (For those too lazy to click the link, my opinions are stated as follows: a capella singings of Neutral Milk Hotel's The Aeroplane Over the Sea - Against. Free pudding Snack Packs - For.) That being said, I'd like to issue a formal apology to the creator's of the idea....

"Sorry I made fun of your bad idea."

There. Now all is well.

Two things I'd like to mention today.

#1. The new Smashing Pumpkins album. I'd absolutely love to post two of my favorite songs from the album, but if you ask me Billy Corgan seems like the kind of guy that would stay up all night googling his name just so he could report us to the RIAA. So, i'll just tell you about the songs. If you could only download two I'd go with Doomsday Clock and United States. They both sound like old Smashing Pumpkins. And honestly, is there anything else we would've wanted out of this album? I didn't expect it to break down any musical barriers or unite us all together in one love and appreciation for music. I expected (read: wanted) it to sound like an old Smashing Pumpkins album. These songs are the most old-Pumpkinesque.

I had a mini-argument with a friend of mine this past weekend about why we should even bother to care about this album, "Its not even the Smashing Pumpkins, its only one guy." Well, actually its two. Billy and the drummer. But I was always under the impression that BC never let anyone else do anything in the studio. Its not like the Pumpkins lost anything with D'arcy left and they replaced her with Auf der Maur before Machina. Same thing here. Still sounds like the Pumpkins, and because of that I will recommend it. If you liked the Pumpkins before, you will like this album. If you never liked them before, don't waste your time.

#2. Heard the new Ben Harper single called "In the Colors" and I really like it. Here's the video:

Finally, we've been bombarded recently with emails of groups we're supposed to listen to and attempt to distribute to the masses (i use the term very liberally). Well, i've been busy as can be recently so I've never actually managed to get around to those. I suppose I'll spend an evening here soon and give some a listen. I have a feeling its going to be a needle in a haystack kinda thing, but if one good band comes out of it, then so be it.

Take care everyone.


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