Saturday, March 17, 2007

the National Lights

Since the existence of this blog type thing, I've slyly, or not so much, pimped the female voice as one of my latest musical obsessions. Some of my most pimped stuff has involved fantastic harmonies. The National Lights, on their album The Dead Will Walk, Dear, are rich in exactly what I'm digging. Yet, like sweet sweet crack, the album offers so much more thanks to its heavy Americana instrumentation. If that wasn't enough, this is also a sort of concept album as it delves into the story of a murder in a Midwestern town and the emotional ramifications of such an event. Check out the record, The Dead Will Walk, Dear, released on February 27.


the National Lights -- Buried Treasure
the National Lights -- Swimming In The Swamp

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gerdon said...

Nice post man. I'm looking forward to listening to some of this if its as good as you say. You are hooked on the female voice and I can't blame you. I've been digging on Ox a lot lately. Americana is pretty sweet.