Thursday, March 8, 2007

March Madness!!

In honor of the March Madness, fellow bloggers have decided to introduce even more bracketology into our lives. They are using a bracket system to determine the best album of the 90's. Go to their link above and scroll to the bottom to get a full description of the idea and a complete list of the albums as well as their seeding into the bracket. Readers will then be allowed to vote on each individual matchup until a Championship is crowned in the coming weeks. I highly recommend you check it out...however, make sure you have plenty of time, because once you start, you'll become addicted.

Just to give you a little peak into what they've done...they've broken the 64 team bracket into four brackets (a la college basketball) and labeled them: The Lou Reed Bracket, The Bob Dylan Bracket, The Eric B. Bracket, and The Ian Curtis Bracket.

I think its an awesome idea.


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