Friday, March 23, 2007

AG Webcast - Episode 3

Indie What?

  1. Uncle TupeloAcuff-Rose from Anodyne (1993)
  2. Uncle TupeloIf That’s Alright from Still Feel Gone (1991)
  3. OxStolen Car from Dust Bowl Revial (2004)
  4. OxMiss Idaho from American Lo Fi (2006)
    Check out some free Ox Downloads!
  1. Capstan ShaftsFeed Me Flowers
  2. Capstan ShaftsThe Days Don’t Pass In Wonder
    Nice article about Dean Wells, who is Capstan Shafts.
    Lots of free Capstan Shafts downloads: Beat The Indie Drum, Yellow Mica Recordings, Asaurus, SCTAS
  1. The Magnetic FieldsFear of Trains from The Charm of the Highway Strip (1994)
  2. The Cat EmpireSly from Two Shoes (2007)
    Got this from a Paste Magazine Sampler
  1. Broken Social SceneMajor Label Debut from Broken Social Scene (2005)
  2. Broken Social ScenePacific Theme from You Forgot It In People (2003)
  3. The ShinsAustralia from Wincing the Night Away (2007)
  4. The ShinsSea Legs from Wincing the Night Away (2007)
    Nice article about this album!
  1. My Morning JacketIt Makes No Difference from Endless Highway (2007)
  2. Death Cab for CutieRockin Chair from Endless Highway (2007)
    Article from Paste Magazine about this album!


Bryan said...

Dude, the music sounds great but what about Uncle Tupelo and playing only Jeff Tweedy songs? Farrar was the man in that band!

Ryan said...

Broken Social Scene?!?!?! You have done your research. I'll give it a listen in the morning....i'm still depressed over the Vandy game.

Ryan said...

Nice cast sir....i really enjoyed the Death Cab song. Read the article and saw that Robertson was extremely surprised that, of all bands, Death Cab decided to remake that song.

You've inspired me. I believe I'll start work on my webcast today sometime. Good work.

Gerdon said...

Thank you sirs. Music is therapy after that robbery of a game for Vandy. Where's the foul at the end? And I thought you'd like that Death Cab version Ryan. Robertson did seem to be a big fan.

As for Tupelo, there are many many good songs, but only time for two. I had to play Acuff-Rose for obvious reason and I love that If That's Alright Song.