Sunday, March 18, 2007

March Madness Blues....

As you've likely noticed by now, all three of us are sports nuts. Let me begin by congratulating my fellow bloggers for their Vanderbilt Commodores reaching the Sweet 16; their win against Washington State yesterday was one of the better tourney games. On the contrary, I'm feeling a little blue tonight after my beloved Kentucky Wildcats were sent home from the NCAA tournament this afternoon by a far superior Kansas team. It's not that I expected to win really; UK hadn't played well enough all year to give me any hope they could put together the perfect 40 minutes necessary to upset the Jayhawks. I am more blue with the state of Kentucky basketball at this time as we're currently no longer elite, simply decent. Nine years since our last Final 4 (our longest stretch in history) and next year will likely be worst. Sigh.....

At least we still have Ashley

I figured I oughta post a few songs to reflect my mood....and of course The Jayhawk's Blue would've been a great place to start, but I don't have the music in front of me. These other tracks will have to illustrate my current mood and this weekend in general...

Dwight Yoakam -- This Drinkin' Will Kill Me
Deadstring Brothers -- Talkin' Born Blues
The Bottle Rockets -- Feeling Down

On a more exciting note and as my fellow bloggers have pointed out, baseball season is here and with that, I can slip into my favorite Cardinals' attire and be myself once again. Look for me at a ballpark near you very soon and to all you Cubs' fans out there, I say "Get a brain, MORANS!"



ryan said...

13 days till Opening Night!! I guess I need to get a blog update out there. Slacked off a bit last week. Oh well, it happens.

PS I've got opening night Cardinals/Mets tickets!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hear that Neil Diamond loves Cardinals baseball...also, you guys should have a highlight dedicated to that guy...he's a great singer!

ryan said...


Bryan said...

Dude, that is sweet! Less than two weeks away!

As for anonymous, it can only be one man. THis dude is so evil and diabolical, he spent 4 years in evil medical school.

My guess is that it can only be Brett Comer, the man who ruined many of my college mornings with his insistence (aided by Gerdon, that punk) for a "Neil Diamond Friday".

I am still working to repress those memories.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wendle

Unfortunately, i cannot claim the latest anonymous posting. Although I do love your website and peruse it often, I would not dream of blessing the airways with too much Neil too the mind and the rest will follow. Good luck with your search for the anonymous Neil lover.