Thursday, April 5, 2007

"That's a bummer man"

Tough day for me over here. My sports addictions are taking it on the chin with the Cardinals starting 0-3 and Billy Donovan emphatically turning down the UK coaching job. Thankfully, as Jackopierce once wrote, music as salvation. This podcast pays homage to one of my favorite music websites, This is a great site for finding obscure bands at reasonable prices. They feature lots of indie greats, heavy hitters, and a wide variety of music. You can even get a few free mp3s by trying out their site. All of the following tracks were gems I found at Emusic. Hope you enjoy!

BK Podcast #3

1. The Bottle Rockets -- Middle Man from Zoysia
2. The Bottle Rockets -- Welfare Music from The Brooklyn Side
3. Alejandro Escovedo -- Don't Need You from A Man Under The Influence
4. Alejandro Escovedo -- Wedding Day from A Man Under The Influence
5. M Ward -- To Go Home from Post-War
6. M Ward -- Headed For A Fall from To Go Home EP
7. My Morning Jacket -- Suspicious Minds from The 930 Club 8/16/2002
8. My Morning Jacket -- Just Because I Do from The 930 Club 8/16/2002
9. The Dexateens -- Neil Armstrong from Hardwire Healing
10. The Dexateens -- Some Things from Hardwire Healing
11. Sun Kil Moon -- Neverending Math Equation from Tiny Cities
12. Sun Kil Moon -- Ocean Breathes Salty from Tiny Cities
13. Hayes Carll -- Naked Checkers from Flowers and Liquor
14. Hayes Carll -- Perfect Lover from Flowers and Liquor



ryan said...

Ok, you've convinced me. I've gone and joined emusic. I've already chosen my 25 free downloads. By the way, nice cast....that Sun Kill Moon was awesome. Weird take on Ocean Breathes Salty, it was hard to recognize the original. I'm curious does he (or they) write his (or their) own lyrics to songs also, or does he just redo other peoples stuff??

Bryan said...

Mark Kozelek is the main songwriter. He writes his own stuff as well. I highly recommend the Sun Kil Moon album, "Ghosts of the Great Highway". It is an album of originals. I don't think it's available on Emusic, but it's on Itunes. Highly highly recommended.

He also did a similar album of rearranged covers of AC/DC songs. His arrangements turned the tone of many of those songs upside down.

gerdon said...

emusic sounds like a pretty sweet deal. I reckon I should check it out. On the other hand, perhaps I'll try to keep this blog rooted in some old timey music as well.

Nice blog. It seems like the quality turned out just fine. The Dexateens were featured in Paste Mag the other week. Neil is a good song.