Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday Six Pack I

Happy Saturday to everybody! It's a beautiful spring afternoon here in southern Ohio and I've just settled in to watch the Cardinals-Cubs and opened my first Budweiser. Here's to spring days and drinking in the afternoon! Speaking of drinking, today begins a new feature on KGB. Circa every Saturday, or perhaps some early morning Sundays, I'll be posting my Saturday Six Pack of songs. These will be 6 songs that I'm jonesing on for the last few days. The more great music, the better!

Whiskeytown -- Angels Are Messengers From God from Rural Free Delivery
RA and CC singing blissfully as always.
[Buy Whiskeytown here]

Great Lake Swimmers -- Various Stages from Bodies and Minds
Indie band out of Canada. They just released a new album in 2007, but this is from their 2005 release.
[Buy Great Lake Swimmers here]

Son Volt -- Highways and Cigarettes from The Search
My favorite song from my favorite album of the year thus far. Farrar, with Shannon McNally accompanying on harmonies, sounds as good as ever.
[Buy Son Volt here]

Mark Kozelek -- Cruiser from Little Drummer Boy
One of Kozelek's many fine originals. This is taken from his live acoustic album released this year.
[Buy Mark Kozelek here]

Gillian Welch -- Black Star from Black Star EP
Gillian Welch covering a Radiohead song? Yes, and very well at that.
[Buy Gillian Welch here]

Bloodkin -- End of the Show from Good Luck Charm
Loved this song for years thanks to WIdespread Panic and JB's heart felt delivery. The Hutchens have written great songs for years, this included.
[Buy Bloodkin here]



ryan said...

Excellent idea on the ol' sixpack. Wish I had thought of it myself. I don't have time to listen to the songs this afternoon, but I'll give them a listen soon.

Question for ya...what do you think of Dolorean? I stumbled on them and have only listened to about two songs, but I think i'm into it. Its kinda alt-countryish so i figured i'd get your opinion.

Bryan said...

I enjoy Dolorean. I don't know much about them, only been exposed to the album they just released and their 2005 release, Violence In the Snowy Fields. I really enjoy Violence. It's mellow in my book, but the songwriting is good and the alt country side of me loves how they use the pedal steel to create moods in their songs, if that makes any sense.

Their latest album, You Can't Win, also has some great songs but it's more hit and miss for me. Some of it bores me to tears honestly but songs like "Beachcomber Blues" (not really alt-countryish at all) and "In Love With the Doubt", are great IMO.

Speaking of opinions, give me yours on circa 1990s indie rock. I've been listening to lots of Pavement and Dinosaur Jr lately. Really really enjoying Dino's new album and I'm looking for more of the bands from that era that bring the rock. I've heard things about Guided By Voices and Neutral Milk Hotel but haven't checked them out yet. Any thoughts?

ryan said...

I've given this a little thought the past two days....and to be perfectly honest I haven't listened to toooooo much early 90's indie rock.

Of the ones you listed however, I love Neutral Milk Hotel. Download The Aeroplane Over the Sea. Its awesome. Its one of those "what the fuck is he trying to say" albums. I love the music on it and could listen to it a thousand times. Another band would be the Pixies. The Pixies are very hit or miss for me. They have a few songs that I always seem to skip over, but Where is My Mind might easily be one of my Top 5 songs of all time. So, there are some good ones mixed amongst the rest.

I also kinda like The Dandy Warhols, but there best album, in my opinion, came out in 2000, so not sure if that really fits the category.

islamabadass said...

It's funny that you posted a clip of the Great Lake Swimmers. I heard this very song on NPR the other day but I did not catch the name of the band or the song. Now I can stop pulling my hair out. Great success!