Monday, April 23, 2007

R.I.P. Boris Yeltsin

Tough day here at the Radio KGB headquarters, what with the passing of Boris Yeltsin and all. I offer up this song, that has nothing to do with Boris Yeltsin, but is by a group called Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Not even sure if he would've liked this song, but here's paying my repect....

I'd like to use this opportunity to advertise a site I recently stumbled upon. The website is Daytrotter is a site in which travelling indie rockers stop by and offer up recordings on their way across the country. The bands usually record B-sides or alternate versions of songs on their albums live in the Daytrotter studio. Four songs are always recorded and are made available for FREE download at the Daytrotter website. The above tribute to Boris Yeltsin was taken from the Daytrotter website. There's still a lot of bands on the site that I've never heard, but I figured why not give some of these touring bands a chance.

I've decided to give you a listen to two other songs I got from Daytrotter. These songs are from two of the bigger names currently on the indie circuit. Enjoy.



Bryan said...

Brillant! We at KGB will miss Boris, although I have mixed feelings for him being partly responsible for taking down the KGB. Luckily, our boy Vlad is doing a good job at reconstituting it but I digress.

Thanks for the sweet website and the tunes. I had listened to some Boris a little earlier this year and the stuff I sampled was a little too poppy for me, but I really enjoyed this song you put on here. You can never go wrong with some Bonnie Prince Billy, that's for sure.

gerdon said...

Ah Boris - the pain was still too near for me to post anything. Thanks for taking the lead Ryan. On a related note, I hear Putin is trying to lower the iron curtain once again.