Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday Six Pack II

Homer endorsing both the drinking and the rocking!

Good evening folks. I was hoping to simply cut and paste last week's 6 pack entry, since the Cardinals and Cubs were supposed to be on TV here. Unfortunately, we got stuck with the Yankees and Red Sox. I'm sick of hearing about these teams. It seems all ESPN talked about this past week was Boston-New York and Brady Quinn. Anyway, enough of my complaining, let's get to the good stuff.

This week I had a hankerin' for rock and roll songs. All of these bad boys have some killer riffs that'll get you headbanging like these two guys

Guided By Voices -- Atom Eyes from Under the Bushes Under the Stars
I've been on a big indie rock kick from the early to mid 1990s. I'm a relative newbie to GBV, but I look forward to diving in even more.
[Buy Guided By Voices here and here]

Pearl Jam -- State of Love and Trust from Thunder Bay Canada 9/9/05
Talk about a hot riff, this live cut has got it!
[Buy Pearl Jam here]

The Drams -- Unhinged from Jubilee Dive
Brent Best and company rocked for years in Slobberbone. With The Drams, that rocking continues.
[Buy The Drams here and here]

Dinosaur Jr -- Let It Ride from Bug
Dinosaur Jr's new record hits stores this Tuesday and it smokes! I have not stopped listening to it for the last month. Let It Ride, dating back to 1988, gives a little taste of the band that might have created the best album of 2007 when it's all said and done.
[Buy Dinosaur Jr here and here]

Lucero -- San Francisco from Rebels, Rogues and Sworn Brothers
Two Cow Garage's new CD brought me back to these guys and their great album from 2006. Songs of lost loves....refreshing.
[Buy Lucero here]

The Hold Steady -- The Swish from Almost Killed Me
By now, all 3 of you know my love for their 2006 album Boys and Girls In America. However, this song, dating from 2004's Almost Killed Me, might be their hardest rocking of all.
[Buy The Hold Steady here and here]

Hope you enjoy this week's Six Pack. Be sure not to chug all of these in an hour or you'll likely be falling down. As Homer Simpson says, "Don't Stop A Rockin'"!



matt said...

This is a longshot, but you wouldnt happen to have a wav. file of Homer Simpson saying "Dont Stop A Rockin'" would you? Ive been looking forever for it. Thanks!

ryan said...

dude, did you hear about Josh Hancock???

How terrible......

Bryan said...


I used to have that wav but not on this computer. Let me do some digging and I'll see if I can find it.


Indeed very sad. What is it with our guys? First DK and now Hancock.

radio kgb said...

Hey, you still in the midst of a female voice obsession??

If so, check her out, you'd probably like her....

Matt said...

I found a page with a bunch of Simpson's wav's including the dont stop a-rockin'. Enjoy!,%20The&sorttype=asc&sortby=actor&recnum=40

matt said...

Looks like that hyperlink didnt work. Just Google "Homer Simpson Dont Stop Rockin" and it should be the first hit. Sorry bout that.

ryan said...

Tired of hearing about Brady Quinn?? Well, what the hell is this....??