Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Music, eh?

I hear music is good and no band sounds as good to these wax inundated ears as The Hold Steady. A mix of power pop meets punk and rock, these guys will throw you catchy hooks one moment yet give you a headache the next minute from the freebird-esque "rocking out" you'll do. These guys won't blast any 10 minute solos, but they know how to rock out while keeping it concise and telling some interesting stories.

Off the heels of their third and critically acclaimed album, Boys and Girls In America, the band will be making their way to my backyard this Friday at Newport's Southgate House. These guys say they're the best bar band in the country -- we'll see if they live up to that billing this Friday night. Another great looking band, Catfish Haven, is supporting, so get there early and throw back a beer or ten with me. Doh! It might be another evening of walking home from downtown Cincinnati to Camp Washington. As you ponder that, check out the first two tracks from the album below.

Stuck Between Stations
Chips Ahoy!

I know it's hard to believe, but we plan to incorporate more music into our music blog very soon. Actually, we're just waiting on Noog to get his lazy ass in gear and hook us up with server space. Unfortunately, Noog is a little busy these days with his starring role on South Park and all. Now that they are in repeats, we expect to have this trainwreck steaming ahead in no time.

Even pixelated, you will
respect his authority!

Concert review to follow on Saturday if I can remember anything. Peace out.



radio kgb said...

So, how was she?

Unfortunately, I missed an Old Crow Med Show in Nashville last week. Shit.

Anonymous said...

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