Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fantasy football blues....

Howwwwwdy ho dedicated readers. I know you've been waiting anxiously to hear about my latest music exploits, so I will not keep you waiting any longer. Plus, this will help me forget about my fantasy football teams forgettable performances today.

Craig Finn and The Hold Steady were in action on Friday night at the Southgate House in Newport. I do not feel like rehashing all the ins-and-outs and the what-have-you's of the show, but it was enjoyable. THS is not heavy on rock improv, but their songs are impeccable and that is why I am interested in them. Based on my experience, their live show doesn't vary much from show to show, but it was very much worth checking them out when they were in my backyard. And for those of you wondering, I did not walk home, despite the presence of the sweet, sweet PBR.

Tonight kicks off a new era for the Top 5 list that I like to do. Instead of just telling you about my favorite songs, I will start posting them for you to sample. Makes sense, eh? So, here are my current favorites:

1. Bonnie "Prince" Billy -- Love Comes to Me

This is mellow but beautiful. Off of the 2006 release, The Letting Go, Will Oldham keeps it simple with a gentle, folky acoustic backed by strings and the angelic voice of Dawn McCarthy. Some might describe it as ethereal, I would if I knew what the word meant. Nonetheless, the words and vocal harmonies create a place I don't mind entering and staying in.

2. Neko Case -- Star Witness

I <3>
Neko Case's release Fox Confessor Brings The Flood might be my favorite album of 2006. Neko's voice is incomparable and she writes some pretty damn good songs to boot. Although a departure from her more alt-countryish roots, the album features plenty of great songs. In fact, songs like Margaret vs. Pauline, Hold On, Hold On, and The Needle Has Landed, have all been in my personal Top 5 at some point during the year. Star Witness is currently in that rotation.

3. Ox -- Sugar Cane

The final 2006 release I'm currently in love with. These guys play Americana music yet hail from America Junior, or Canada to the non-Simpsons' fans (shame on you). From the album American Lo-Fi, this is my kind of love song.

4. Anders Parker -- So It Goes

I've been into this guy for a while now, but I only recently rediscovered his music thanks to his collaboration with Jay Farrar on the Gob Iron record Death Songs For the Living (you can bet some of this album will be featured very soon). A singer songwriter in the truest sense of the word, he has also released a new self titled album that I have not had the chance to listen to yet. This song, however, is from his 2004 release, Tell It To the Dust.

5. Wilco -- I Am Trying to Break Your Heart

Originally from their magnum opus
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, this version is culled from the Kicking Television live set the band released last spring. The power of the song is not lost in the live setting. Unfortunately for me, I don't foresee a time when this song will become irrelevant. Arrrgh!

For the love of God, get this album, yo!

That's it for now. Look for a special treat next week -- a tribute to Jesus. It seems Santa Claus gets all the secular songs at this time of the year. I mean to change that! Until then, adios.


Gerdon said...

Good tunes man, I like em. A little different from the space-out jams of your Hanover/Bonnaroo days.

KGB v2.0 said...

It is a change no doubt. Just goes to show how much great music is out there!

Anonymous said...

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